Beekeeping services and classes

We are small scale beekeepers focused on educating and working with new beekeepers to provide them with a local resource as they embark on their amazing journey into apiculture.  We offer a wide range of services to accomodate everyone from die hard DYI'ers who are just looking for some help getting going to less adventurous souls who are looking to unlock their inner beekeeper.   

Beekeeping Services


Have you ever wanted to keep honeybees but do not have the time, space, or other resources? Are you tentative about journeying into agriculture alone? Our Beginner Beekeeper Experience is your answer.  Experience everything a new beekeeper would without all the sweat and stings.  This service included a complete hive setup consisting of: one (1) bottom board; two (2) standard deep langstroth hive bodies; 20 deep frames with wired wax foundation; one (1) medium honey super; ten (10) medium frames with wired wax foundation; one (1) inner cover; one (1) outer cover; and one (1) 3lb package of honeybees with a mated queen.  The service also covers installation of the honeybees, hive checks, care and maintenance of the hive for the first full year, and all hive products (honey, wax, propolis).  Please note that your hive will be placed in our apiary for the first year.  We will work with you and educate you throughout the first year then move the hive to your location to maintain on your own in year two.  Like a swarm from its parent colony; where there was one beekeeper, there are now two.

  • Visit your hive at any time with 24 hrs notice
  • Be present for all hive inspections 
  • Learn hands on through a full year in all seasons
  • Receive a video of your inspection to review and learn from
  • $2500/hive


  • Full day hands on course covering the basics of beekeeping
  • Designed to help the new beekeeper understand what they will encounter during the first year
  • Includes delicious farm to table lunch from our farm
  • Limit of 5 students/class ensures a quality experience for everyone
  • $100/person
  • Class Dates are: 

      - Saturday May 16 Full

      - Saturday June 6 Full


  • Includes all hive furniture, 3lb package of honeybees w/mated queen
  • Installation of the package
  • Follow up visit 5-7 days later to ensure the queen is released and laying 
  • $1200/hive


  • Inspection of your hive(s) to help you understand what to look for while working them
  • Presence of a queen, eggs, brood pattern, honey and pollen stores, pests, etc
  • $150-first hive; $25 each additional hive


  • Free removal of honeybee swarms that land on your property


  • Honeybees often find suitable nest sites within structures such as your home, garage, or barn
  • We offer services to remove new and established colonies 
  • Pricing varies from free (rip and tear with no repair) to standard construction fees


  • Working with the homeowner we will determine the best location for an apiary
  • Install the necessary electric fence
  • Price varies; please call


  • Provide all the necessary materials to ensure your honeybees are snug and secure before winter sets in
  • Price varies; please call

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